Quantia Security

Our top priority is keeping your assets secure

  • Industry leading security infrastructure & asset protection
  • Team of cybersecurity experts
  • Top-tier privacy and data protection

Cold Wallet &
Hot Wallet protocol.

Quantia Capital's hot wallet system uses multiple technical solutions, including online and semi-offline risk-management systems, semi-offline multisignature services, big data risk-management systems and other protection mechanisms to ensure the security of private keys. All user-asset deposit and withdrawal processes need to be verified by multiple risk-management mechanisms before being broadcast to the blockchain for confirmation.

Multi Signature Mechanism

Quantia Capital has adopted a multi signature mechanism. This substantially reduces the probability of coins being stolen, as more private keys need to be stolen.

Keep your Quantia Account safe & secure

  • Use a unique email that you don't use on other services
  • Use a strong unique password
  • Activate 2-factor-authentication
  • Do not use public or unsecured WiFi networks
  • Do not use public or shared computers or devices
  • Keep your device secured with a strong, unique password

Avoid Scams

  • Quantia will never ask you for confidential information such as passwords, private keys, seed phrases, or secret codes.
  • Quantia will never ask you to connect your Metamask, Ledger, or similar wallets to your Quantia account.
  • Quantia will never contact you on any social media channel.